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Are you having trouble finding your ideal clients?

Finding and qualifying potential clients doesn't have to be hard.

At ICA Lead 4 U, we use the latest technology to research and qualify your IDEAL CLIENT based on your product and service offerings. We Collect and update business information such as Addresses, Phone numbers, Emails, Decision Makers, Products/Services, Locations, News, Social Media, Company Size, and Yearly Revenue Generated.

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Clients make your business go ‘round.

They’re how we turn our new or existing business into a more established one that is profitable, sustainable, and fun to own.

Clients are the bread & butter inside your business, and without them, there is no business.

The caveat to this is working with clients who may not be an ideal fit for you or your business.

So...how do you find your Ideal Clients?

If I asked you to describe your ideal client, what would you say?

Do you know what their biggest challenges are?

Can you name their top 3 goals?

What values do they have inside and outside of work?

It might sound basic to figure out who your client is, but chances are you don’t know who you’re going after.

In all seriousness, can you honestly answer these questions in detail?

If not, then it's time for you to start building out your Ideal Client Avatar so you can specifically target them for all your email marketing, social media, and lead generation efforts.

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 Our Services Include

Low Competitive Pricing. No Commitments. No Contracts.

Business & Executive Research

Find potential clients, qualify them based on your services, and gather detailed information for your records. We work with your preferred CRM platform to fit into your workflow.

We collect and update business information such as Addresses, Phone numbers, Emails, Decision Makers, Products & Services, Locations, News, Social media, Company Size, and Yearly Revenue.

Lead Validation

We review new and old customer data to identify the most relevant prospects for your outreach. We sync with your communication guidelines to efficiently and professionally manage your initial outreach.

Our team handles a variety of databases and data points to integrate into your sales flow. You’ll save time, resources, and be able to focus on the business end of your client relationships.

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ICA Development & Integration

Don't have an Ideal Client Persona? No problem.

We will help you design & develop your Ideal Client Avatar so you can integrate them into your content, marketing materials and sales copy. 

We can work with your existing CRM system or devise a custom process tailored to your needs and ready to scale alongside you.

Who We Work With

E-Commerce, Data Mining, Career Services, AI, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SaaS, Fashion, Travel, Education, Applications, and Field Studies

"I tried ICA Lead 4 U, because I was tired of trying to find clients to work with, only to work with clients who were not the right fit for our application.

ICA Lead 4 U helped us generate a list of 200 decisions makers in the high-turnover restaurant industry, and our results were amazing. A few things I really liked was the amount of information they were able to gather from each of the leads they provided, the fast turn around time, and the cost.

Since working with ICA Lead 4 U, I have booked 10 sales appointments and closed 5. It's amazing how easy it is to close a sale, once you know who you ideal client is. I would highly recommend ICA Lead 4 U to anyone who wants to work with their ideal client."

Kamyar Faron


"When I first heard about ICA Lead 4 U, I thought it sounded too good to be true. Ideal Client Avatars lead lists? I loved the idea, but I was worried about whether the leads would be any good. I didn't want to invest money in services if the information I received was wrong for me and my business.

Fortunately, I tried ICA Lead 4 U, and I loved my results. It's clear a lot of thought, time, and effort goes into putting these highly specific and highly targeted lead lists together. The ICA Lead Lists are impressive, and I especially like how easy it is to reach each person on my list! I reach out to them on social media first, liking and commenting on their posts. Then I reach out to them via email. It's so easy to engage with my ICA, book a call, and close a sale.

I feel so relieved I have a partner like ICALead4U.com in my business-building tool kit!"

Doug Dibert Jr.


I approached ICA Lead 4 U because I needed to get my non-profit e-commerce store in front of people who support Black Lives Matter causes. ICA Lead 4 U helped me by putting together a list of 2000 ICA Leads so that I could target them with social media ads.

My results were amazing. With my first ad, I was able to sell 50 t-shirts and, in turn, generated $1000 in donations for the BLM causes I support. I loved Shannon's guidance when creating my Ideal Customer Avatar; I promise this is priceless. Who knew, knowing who your ideal customer is would lead to such amazing results. I found the entire experience to be easy, enlightened, and profitable. 

I highly recommend ICA Lead 4 U to anyone who struggles with finding the right clients or customers to work with.

Kanacia James